Valentine's portrait

Valentine is the elder sister of Val'Thrinn and the daughter of Navlesveir and Eisheth Zenunim. She was tasked to assist Val'Thrinn in subduing the Orc Tribe in Caelrig. She often treats her brother Val'Thrinn like a child and also likes to play with his subordinate, Jekins. While she is assisting Val'Thrinn and corrupting Asynux from within by turning the Commander of Asynux guards, Reichs, into her subordinate under Val'Thrinn's request, she also does a few things out of Val'Thrinn's attention such as freeing Alice from Asynux prison in exchange for informations regarding Emmerzail's return, and giving new power to Lynn. Her motive is currently unknown but she seems to see through Val'Thrinn's plan to rebel against their father Navlesveir and she also supports him. In Sera's route, it is revealed that she once allied with Emmerzail and is responsible for nearly annihilating the Elven race by enslaving them and used them as pawns in a war long ago.


Valentine is calm and collected. Always wearing a cool and gentle smile behind her cold and cruel personality. Her motives is always mysterious as she keep everything on herself. She is cunning and calculating seems to be emotionless and always hides behind a cold, gentle smile.


  • Her main element is Ice, which suits her cold personality which is the opposite of Val'Thrinn.
  • Her Theme Music is "Montserrat Ruins" from Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader.
  • She often treats her subordinate in a motherly or dominating way.