Val'Thrinn's portrait

Val'Thrinn is one of the major antagonists in the game. He is the son of the Demon King, Navlesveir and the Succubus Queen Eisheth Zenunim. He is the self-proclaimed Archrival of Emmerzail, thinking that being the son of the Demon Lord and Succubus Queen, he should have been the better Incubus and Demon Lord than Emmerzail. He is short tempered and easily irritated but not stupid, as he keeps Jekins around despite having Jekins keep pissing him off everytime they talk. His older sister, Valentine, calls him "baby brother" for his somewhat childish behavior of trying to prove himself better than Emmerzail. He and his sister worked together to enslave many races in order to increase their father's army. He is currently operating around Caelrig, trying to enslave the Orcish race to increase his army but he seems to be planning to rebel against his father.

Upon learning of Alice's existence, he became interested in her and intends to test her powers in the Battle of Asynux. He once fought Alice's parents which makes him intends to make her his subordinate.


Val'Thrinn is short tempered and easily irritated. He will not tolerate failures and will kill any who displeased him. He likes to force obedience to his slaves, as demonstrated when he controlled Alice's lust and not allowing her to cum except if she submit to him via the Burning Charm. He never hesitates to demonstrate his overwhelming power, usually to strike fear to his enemies. Jekins often pissed him off but he still kept Jekins around, a proof that he can still control his temper. His sister also likes to tease him and treating him like a child but he never offended her and called her "Dear Sister", suggesting that he is quite obedient to his sister, although he is the one in charge of the army and Valentine was merely assisting him. He is jealous of Emmerzail because Emmerzail is a better Incubus and Demon Lord than him, mainly because of his heritage and pride as the son of the Demon King.


  • Emmerzail called him "Angry Buffoon" for his short temper.
  • Valentine called him "Baby Brother" for his childishness at trying to rival Emmerzail.
  • Jekins always pisses him off but he kept Jekins around, proves that he can still control his temper.
  • His favorite quote is: "Oh, for fuck's sake."
  • Val'Thrinn's main element is fire, which suits his short temper.
  • Val'Thrinn's Theme is "Unholy" from Battle Realms.