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Navlesveir's portrait

Navlesveir the Demon King. He is the king of all demons in Niflheim and is the father of Val'Thrinn and Valentine, the husband of Eisheth Zenunim and the younger brother of Al'Vanas. He was once the God of War before he rebelled against Al'Vanas.


Navlesveir is very strict and merciless. A perfectionist, he will not tolerate failure or imperfections. He is very arrogant but cunning. Although he hated his brother Al'Vanas, he can still work alongside Al'Vanas when facing a greater opponent. He believes power is everything.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Navlesveir controls lighting as his main element. Powerful and swift, his power is overwhelming and can destroy cities with ease.


  • He is not really based off Ares the Greek God of War.
  • Like Ares, the other gods don't like him except the Goddess of Beauty.