Kirie portrait, drawn by Raindrops.

Kirie is an eastern swordsmaster from the island kingdom Nassaria (Or Nasaru in her native tongue). She carries the demon sword who calls itself Oda, the Warlord of Blood. She left her homeland and travelled to many lands, sating her bloodlust by slaying evil men ever since she came to the possession of the sword. She was unable to throw the sword away and cannot die outside of battle because of the sword's curse. As such, it is unclear how old she actually is.


She is rather cold and antisocial due to the fact that she could rampage at anytime under the sword's influence but she is a good person despite the hell that she went through for years. She held back the sword's will with her own and does not unleash her powers towards innocent people. She only kill evil men (as long as she is in control.)


Oda is a demon sword with insatiable lust for blood and battle. All of its possessor will be dragged into battle and die in battle. It has been used by many swordsmen and warlords throughout the ages and have slain countless men and women. The sword gave its wielder great power and an insatiable bloodlust. No matter who or what kind of person the bearer is, they are destined to live and die in battle. The sword cannot be separated from its bearer and should the bearer refuses to slay anyone, the sword will take over the bearer's body and start a rampage. The sword also curses the bearer with immortality and makes them unable to die unless they fell in battle. After the death of the previous bearer, the sword will choose the kiler to be the new bearer. The sword have a mind of its own and is able to communicate with its bearer.


  • She is CrimsonKirie's donator character.