Elsia Edit

L Carmilla

Elsia is the sister of Count Vlad and was turned into a vampire by her brother. Vlad intended to make her a powerful ally. However, her strength and power does not meet Vlad's expectations and thus he has been looking for an way to dispose of her. Also, because she is too weak, Vlad wanted to find another more capable individual to share his vampire blood. Lynn is chosen because she has great magical potential compared to her sister Alleneth. Lynn's arrival at Castle Transylvos as Vlad's new favorite made Elsia jealous and hated Lynn. She met her end at the hands of Al'Grimm, who have been tasked to eliminate her should she fail to capture Lynn at the Troll Pass (Lynn good route).

Personality Edit

She is very arrogant after gaining vampiric powers, unaware that her strength is nothing compared to the true potential a vampire has. She is very jealous of Lynn and hated her. She loved her brother dearly although he does not feel the same way as he does not view her as being useful to him.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the first boss who possess Counter Spell