Eisheth Zenunim's Portrait

Eisheth Zenunim is the Succubus Queen and the mother of Val'Thrinn and Valentine and the consort of the Demon King Navlesveir. She was once the Goddess of Beauty and Love before she assisted Navlesveir in betraying Al'Vanas. She has a bitter rivalry with the current Goddess of Beauty and Love, Aphrodite but she doesn't really care about it.


She doesn't really care about anything but having fun (mainly sexually). She has a group of worshippers called "Cult of Eisheth Zenunim" but she doesn't really care about them but she allowed them to do as they wanted. She likes strong and muscular men like Navlesveir, which is why she followed him.


  • She is based off Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Beauty and Love but her name is the name of a demon.
  • She has big breasts, as big as Shizuka's.
  • Like Aphrodite, she was depicted in the nude in many works of art.
  • Like Aphrodite, she took a liking to the God of War while others don't.