Chaos is the mysterious being summoned by Emmerzail and other beings. Humans refer to it as "The Great Evil" while others refer to it as simply "Chaos". It was thought to be the bringer of Evil to the world (Including corrupting Navlesveir and other gods into Demons and also brought evil to the hearts of humans and made them strong) and also the one who ends the Age of Peace. This was proven wrong in Sera's route as Sera, whom have inherited Emmerzail's knowledge, comments that Navlesveir and other gods became Demons long before the Chaos is summoned. However it is true that since its arrival, the humans came to grow stronger and became a force that even the gods feared. Chaos was a being stronger than any of the Gods and Demons. With the assistance of mortals, especially humans, the gods of Aesgard managed to drove it back into its realm where it would take a long time before it could return. After its defeat, Al'Vanas created a religion that worships himself in order to keep the humans under his control. There was a prophecy that Chaos will return 666 years after it was sealed back in its realm and the time of its arrival is "The time where the weak are subdued and the strong rules" and that time is only a year before the beginning of the story.

Currently there are not much informations concerning this being.

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Emmerzail new scene